Components and a aluminum tubing now available:
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Components for sale:  

Custom rocker boxes for Meade Lightbridge -- or any -- telescope. Click here for full information and ordering details.
--$email, fully assembled -- ready to use.
--$email, ready to assemble "kit".
--$125, custom color

String Telescope Component Kit. Convert your parallel strut telescope into a virtual truss design (see here for a complete discussion), Kit includes everything you'll need for your DobSTUFF telescope. Yes, you can use the kit on other telescopes as well.

--$email for 2 "string" kit.
--$email for 2 "string" assembled (measurement needed from user).

Flotation Mirror Cells: All aluminum 18-point cell. Sizes from 10" - 18" (I make cells with 6-, 9- and 18-point suspension),

Silicone included.

--Any size 10" to 18", 18-point cell $email
--Any size 10" to 18",   9-point cell $email
-- Any size 10" to 18", 6-point cell $email

Mirror Cells:  All aluminum mirror cells for traditional "round" optical tube assemblies. This is an example of a 6-point cell for a 13.1" mirror and optimized with Plop. Other sizes available.

--Any size 10" to 18", $email*.
--Silicone, included.

Call first...


Mirror Cells: All, Baltic birch, suitable for mirrors 8" to 12"" in diameter. Other sizes available.   For more information, click here.

--8" to 12" 'simple' 3-point all Baltic birch mirror cell, $email. Silicone included.

Mirror Cells: All aluminum for mirror boards and truss dobs. Baltic birch TAILGATES available. This example is a 6-point flotation cell for mirror 12"-16" in diameter. Other sizes available. I also build "simple" 3-point cells for all sizes of mirrors.  For more information, click here.

--Any size, $email
--Silicone included.

Cooling Fan Assembly: This is an example of a 12Vdc fan installed on a 12" telescope. Power for the fan is provided through a standard, easy-to-find RCA power plug (available at Radio Shack catalog #274-319 for $2.99). The fan assembly  is mounted on matching Baltic Birch. In this example, the fan is held in place by the collimation bolts/wing nuts.
--Single 12Vdc fan, $email
--Double 12Vdc fan, $email

Tube Inserts:
--1" to
2", $5 each*

 Knobs 1/4-20 threaded stud, 1.5" long, 1 1/8" diameter:
--$5 each.*
--Other sizes available. Email for info.


Spider Four curved vane:
 Call or email.

Spider (three vane):
Call or email.


Eyepiece trays (hold four eyepieces, your choice of size):
--Baltic Birch only, $email.
--Any configuration (2" and/or 1.25" -- hold up to 4 eyepieces -- others? Call or email).
--BALTIC BIRCH ONLY, we no longer make aluminum trays.

*Reflects increase in product cost.
**Plus shipping.

For more information about your requirements:
-- Dennis Steele
-- Tel: 650-315-6578 (anytime)
-- email: densteele@dobstuff.com



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